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Marijke, 39

United States

Last January on to Australia.  Included in the swap was a lovely  waterside apartment, use of a car, bicycles and a sailboat.  Our hosts were most gracious and awaited us with a sumptuous Aussie BBQ.  After exploring the Broken Bay area,  we set sail for Sydney and spent a week or so in Sydney Bay as guests of the Royal Cruising Club (sponsors of the Sydney-Hobart race) located close to downtown.  Good sailing, warm weather, just a bit of rain now and then.  Our hosts John and Marilyn have not come to San Francisco yet.

Jonathan, 44

United Kingdom

“I really like the swapping concept. I own a boat in the UK and I thoroughly enjoy sailing here. This doesn’t leave me with much opportunities to sail in other places though, but swapping makes this possible in a very cost-efficient way. We did a swap with a Dutch family last summer. It was a fantastic holiday and on top we saved about 2500 Euros!”



Fantastic Experience. In March through Sailum I contacted Dick, the owner of Sara-M and we decided to exchange boats. Dick and his partner Caroline are experienced sailors. During the "test drive" we made the first day here in Trieste, I immediately noticed how they immediately gained confidence with my boat. Afterwards it was a pleasure to "guide" through Croatia suggesting them the best anchorages, bays, islands, villages etc. After less than a week we were flying to Holland for our vacation. Dick and Caroline gave us their boat, not before warning us about all the peculiarities that distinguish the northern seas. In conclusion, a magnificent experience. Thank you Dick, thank you Holland !

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Sailum - Swap & Rent in one place


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Sailum - Swap & Rent in one place

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