About us

Who is Sailum?

Sailum was launched by avid sailing enthusiasts from the Netherlands. Marinas full of unused boats, even on beautiful days, call for a change in the way we think about property and value, and we believe Sailum is the tool to achieve this. We form a great team dedicated to changing the way we think about and use our boats. Sailum is young and will continue to develop, offering a growing amount of great boats and sailing areas for our members to explore!


Martijn Franssens is the co-founder of Sailum. He is a real boat lover and a business economist specializing in risk management with a passion for the new sharing economy.

Etha Koch is the other co-founder of Sailum, a designer with a profound interest in sustainability who has been sailing since her early years.

Thomas Dresscher is a freelance researcher and writer. He has been sailing all his life, mostly on traditional vessels of all sizes.

Jens Erfurth is a web designer with a great interest in sharing and communities. He is the one who makes everything look so cool around here!

Sophie Friederichs has put her diverse skills to practice and has been helping with the development of Sailum since the start.