Discover new sailing grounds with Sailum

So you own a boat, right? You love spending your holidays on board. It’s more than just a holiday, it provides you with an overwhelming feeling of freedom. You get away from hectic everyday life, party on deck over sunset or relax with a beer overlooking a secluded beach while your boat gently rocks the waves. You love the sun on your skin, the wind in the sails and the idea of sailing to any destination you’d imagine. 

But let’s be honest. How realistic is it to sail to any destination? It might not be your cup of tea to cross an ocean. Your boat, sailing or motor yacht, might not be fit for voyaging the big seas and you might just not have the time to do it. What you want is to explore new destinations without necessarily having to sail your boat there.  

Sailum is your answer! Sailum is a network by and for sailors enabling holiday swaps or rentals between experienced sailors for the discovery of new sailing grounds. And it is more. It is about CONNECTING and SHARING. Think about it! You connect to real people that share the same passion for boatlife. You introduce them to your boat and your local waters like you would a friend. You give them a unique experience, the opportunity to discover new grounds in a personal way without having to profit from it. You do all this because they will share the same with you. They will share that secluded anchorage that you would not read about in the pilot books, they will tell you where to get the best coffees and they help you plan the adventure you dream about on their boat.  

What’s particularly great about Sailum is that you have the opportunity to sail a boat that you would not find at your regular boat-rental. 

“What attracts me in Sailum is the fact that the boats you can swap or rent are from private owners. As an experienced sailor I have rented boats all over the place, yet at a certain point, you want something else, something that isn’t offered by regular renting companies. The boats registered at Sailum are very diverse and have a personal touch to them.” 

Have you planned this year’s holiday yet? Have you been dreaming about cruising the Scandinavian Fjords? Or would you like to discover the picture-perfect sailing grounds of the Whitsundays in Australia? This is your opportunity! A holiday boat swap is free of charge and does not have to be simultaneous.   

How do you get started? 

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Sail new horizons with Sailum!