So, will you sail ‘around the block’ for the hundredth time? Have you not seen your waters inside out yet? Extend your cruising grounds with Sailum! Sailum is a network by boat owners for boat owners enabling holiday boat swaps. It connects boaters all over the world bringing every destination within an arm’s length distance!

Real boats & real people

Martijn Franssens, founder of Sailum explains: “After sailing the Frisian lakes and the coast of Holland for many years, I wanted to explore new destinations. However, in my three weeks of holiday I could not sail my boat to the Med for example. Therefore I found myself renting a boat for the summer holidays while my own boat would not be used. Besides I always had that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. A rental boat hardly has the soul of a privately owned and loved yacht and I would hardly get in contact with the locals. 

The idea of a boatswap developed bit by bit. Now, eight years later, the Sailum-platform is well established. New boat owners join the community every day! The great thing is that you connect to real people and get to sail real boats! Not the regular boat that you find at your boat-rental. A swap does not have to be simultaneous and happens with closed wallet. The only additional costs are your traveling costs to get there”. 

Swap safely 

Martijn Franssens continues: “I hear sailors say: I would never let anyone else use my boat. I understand the concern that you may have since every boat has its own manual. It is a new way of looking at your property. You got to see it as inviting someone into your home, something people do easily these days through platforms like Airbnb and Home Exchange. People engaging in exchange become part of a community of like-minded persons. 

When swapping a boat through Sailum you are certain to connect to fellow experienced boat owners. The sailing résumés and the reviewing system on Sailum tell you who you’re dealing with. When you get in touch with a boat owner, one click will show you their skills and reputation! Moreover, you will introduce the other captain to your boat personally to hand over ‘the manual’ properly ?. You may even sail away together to introduce the boat and have a beer or two!

Sailum is all about sharing. Our values are transparent: we treat people and boats with respect. Our community is our strength, and we know how much love and care goes into maintaining a boat. Therefore, we aim to leave it better than we found it. Having said that, a good insurance is crucial to lend out your boat with an eased heart. Most insurances do cover damages caused by the one you lent your boat to. On our website you find more information about insurance”. 

So what you say? Just stretch your arm and grab the opportunity to sail or cruise in your dream location!

NOW is the time to get started! 

Check out Sailum at www.sailum.com and get started in a few clicks!

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