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Westerly Discus

  • Sailboat
  • 33ft
  • 3
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About the Boat

GUS is in good condition with the original interior intact - which is quite rare in a boat of this age.
The boat has been well cared for. The headlining was replaced in the main cabin with LED downlighters installed - which just gives the interior a much more modern feel to it.
The sails are in great condition.
The boat electronics are a mixture of modern and original but have everything you need
The engine at 42hp has more than enough power to get you out of trouble. The engine drives a hot water calorifier - so we have hot water every time we arrive in port
We have a tender with an electric outboard.

While we have a liferaft - it is just out of date and would need a service if a liferaft is required.

I also have to check the insurance status for others using my boat.

Boat Specs

  • Boat model: Westerly Discus
  • Boat name: GUS
  • Year built: 1980
  • Draft (cm): 180
  • Engine power (hp): 42(HP)
  • Fuel Tank (liters): 150
  • Water tank (liters): 150


  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Gas Burner
  • Oven/Grill
  • Microwave
  • Stereo/TV


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Dream Swap locations


About the location

Southsea marina is very close to the Solent. While access is tidal the marina will move the boat outside the marina if you want access at low tide. There are lots of alternative places to go within 2 - 3 hours of sailing (or motoring if wind/tide is against you).

The access to the Solent is very short - which is why we berth at Southsea.