Eastern Mediterranean

Ancient cultures, smooth sailing

Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Med combines a number of factors that make it one of the best sailing areas in the world. Crystal clear seas, good weather year round, areas of outstanding natural beauty, great ports and amazing remnants of ancient cultures make this area a must for every sailor! Drop anchor in a secluded bay, enjoy all the culinary benefits of mediterranean life, set foot where the ancient Greeks walked... Or just do all of this in one week.

This area knows a number of sub-areas, all with their own attraction. Amongst the Greek islands you can find beautiful cruising, sheltered bays and the foundations of western civilization. The Turkish coast offers great weather, good resorts and a touch of the orient. The Croatian coast boasts amazing islands, beautiful old towns and high-class retreats offering everything the spoiled sailor can ask for. And across the Adriatic Sea, the eastern coast of Italy gives you everything this country has to offer, from exquisite food and great beaches to cities brimming with culture. Each of these areas offers more than enough for the beginning and experienced sailor, for the nature lover and the foodie, for the lounger and the culture freak, so don't hesitate to browse through our boats and find one that suits you!

Timing: weather in this part of the world is good year round, though December and January are a colder and chances of rain rise. The water temperature is great for swimming from May until October, but a dip outside these months is very well possible. Winds differ between areas but are usually not too hard. The Mediterranean has a number of almost legendary winds than can blow harder from set directions in certain areas, such as the dusty Scirocco blowing from the Sahara in Summer and the Meltemi blowing in Turkey and Greece, but all areas have their safer and more challenging cruising routes. Just get in touch with one of our local members when you are interested to swap or rent and they can tell you all about it!

Routes and planning: all sub areas have more than enough to offer for a great sailing holiday lasting for a week or a few weeks. Since winds are quite stable and there are no tides in this area, passage planning is easy, leaving you enough time to enjoy everything the Eastern Mediterranean has to offer! And of course our members are the experts on the ground and will tell you exactly where to go.

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