Do I have to complete the whole profile?

There are a number of fields in your profile that you are required to fill out. We do however encourage you to make your profile as complete as possible. Because trust is an important foundation of Sailum, other members who want to get in touch with you about renting or swapping boats use your profile to get to know you. The more you write about yourself, your sailing skills and experiences, your interests and your boat, if you are a boat owner, the better they can see if you are the kind of person they would like to rent or swap with.


Do I have to upload my boat insurance?

Uploading a boat insurance document is mandatory. You will not be able to accept a rent or swap request until you do so. The document you upload is not going to be visible online. It is only after a rental is accepted and paid that the hirer is able to download this document to verify the boat is indeed sufficiently insured. In case of a swap both parties are able to check the respective documents. In this way, Sailum is kept safe and trustworthy.


How does Sailum verify profiles?

Sailum verifies your email address and verifies your phonenumber through a phone message verification. These details will of course be kept private. 



Is it safe?

Yes, swapping and renting through Sailum is safe. Through our network, you will have ample opportunity to get to know and check out the people and boats you’re dealing with. In swapping no money exchanging is involved. In case of rental the payment of the rental fee runs through Sailum. For your safety the final payment will not be made until the rental period is finished.


Is my privacy protected?

We take good care of your personal details and will not provide these to third parties. Last names are not visible on Sailum and your personal details can not be seen by others. After a request for rent is accepted and paid the hirer gets a chance to check the boat insurance provided. When a swapping agreement is made you are both able to check and verify the insurance document of the boats involved. 


Is my boat insured when I swap or rent through Sailum?

In almost all cases, swapping your boat is covered by your insurance. This is also often the case with private rental. You are responsible yourself for verifying this. If your insurance doesn’t cover private rental, we at Sailum have a partnership with Pantaenius, a renowned insurance company from Hamburg Germany, where you can easily take out an insurance that does include private rental. Pantaenius has been in the yacht insurance for over four decades and has a global help-desk that is manned by people who are sailors themselves 24/7. It is the responsibility of the skipper using the boat to make sure all the crew members have their own insurance.


What if something goes wrong during the swap/rental period?

You will have the contact details of the owner of the boat, so you can contact them in case anything comes up. They can then help to figure out what to do about it, to involve the insurance, etc. If there are any problems with the swapping/rental agreement or things that you can’t figure out, you can also contact Sailum directly.


Renting and payment

How does payment of rental fees work?

When your booking request is accepted by a boat owner, a payment link will appear in your conversation. Clicking on 'payment' will lead you to secure online payment provider Mollie where you can use Paypal, creditcard or iDeal. The payment will be kept safe with Sailum until the rental period is over. Within 2 days after the rental period is over, the money minus the 8 % fee for Sailum will be transferred to the bank account of the boat owner. In this way, both parties are protected.


How do I establish rental fees?

This is something you have to establish yourself. It is sensible to take certain things into account, like the size of your boat, the number of cabins and bunks, the amount of luxury etc. You can also look around at the Sailum site or in your area what people charge for a boat similar to yours in your area. Sailum offers you the option to have different rental fees for different seasons. In your boat profile, you can create your own seasons according to the popular periods in your area and designate different prices to every one of them. In your contact with the hirer, you have the opportunity to adjust the rental price if needed. This can for instance be useful if you want to give a discount to someone who wants to rent your boat for a few weeks in a row.


Why do I have to pay/get paid through Sailum?

The payment runs through Sailum to protect all parties. Final payment will be made after the rental period is over. When something comes up during, before or after the rental period, the funds parked with Sailum function as a safety measure to make sure everything gets sorted out.


What does Sailum cost?

For rental, Sailum charges a fee of 8 percent of the total rental price. It is important for boat owners to keep this in mind when establishing their rental prices. Our swapping services are free for now, though we intend to ask a small yearly subscription fee for those using this service in the future.


Can I get a deposit when renting/swapping a boat?

If you would like a deposit when swapping or renting out your boat, you are free to arrange that with the other party. This deposit can then be received in cash when the swapping or rental period starts.


Who can add a boat?

Only the legitimate owner of a boat can add a boat at Sailum. As an owner you are responsible that the boat and the utilities provided are in a good shape.


How do I cancel a rental agreement?

If you hired a boat and need to cancel you can do so via the cancel button in the conversation. The following cancellation policy will apply: If you cancel more than 2 months before the commencement date you will be returned 100% of the rental cost ex the fee for Sailum. Between 2 months and 1 month before commencement date 50% of the rental cost ex fee will be returned. If you cancel within 1 month before until the commencement date of your rental period: no refund can be made. You may want to use a cancellation insurance to cover this. 



How do conversations work?

When you are viewing someone's profile, you can click on the 'Get in touch' button in the member pane, in the upper right corner of the page. You can ask all the questions you have, get to know one another and fine tune an agreement. You can also choose to do a request for a rent or swap right away. Both ways a private conversation is then started. All the exchanges between two members, that is messages, request, accept, money payment and review are bundled in this particular conversation. You receive a notification at your emailaddress when you have a message or request. If you do not receive these in your inbox please check your spambox. 


Can I refer back to conversations?

Conversations contain all messages, agreements and payment infomation and can always be accessed. 


Deleting a profile

How do I delete my profile?

If you log in on Sailum and go to 'Account' you can find a button to deactivate your account. If you want Sailum to just hide your account for a while, you can contact us and we'll temporarily make it invisible.