Great reasons to join

Discover new locations

A boat owner from the Mediterranean may occasionally want to discover the coast of Norway. A Scottish sailor might want to explore the Dutch IJsselmeer and its remarkable port towns. It is always great to explore new waters and anchor at new harbors. Sailum provides the means to an inexpensive holiday and can replace the complex logistics of transporting a boat to other parts of the world. We provide you ultimate freedom and are the only platform around that offers swapping and renting in one place. This, combined with our profiles and screening system, gives sailors from all over the world the opportunity to sail anywhere, any time in boats that feel like they are your own. 


Real experiences

Sailum stands for unique and real experiences. Don't expect one size fits all commercial rentals where you are only supposed to sail out into the bay to drink cocktails while at anchor (though no one is saying you can't of course...). Expect real, original boats maintained with the same care you have in exciting sailing areas. Expect experienced skippers who come on board of your yacht to sail her with the same care you do. Before renting or swapping, you can get to know other members via the messaging system and Skype, and you can get inside tips on your new sailing area from a local!  Who knows, shared experiences may get you the crewmembers for your next long trip or even friends for life.


For all kinds of skippers

Sailum was launched in 2016 and we expect to grow in the future, offering a growing amount of great boats and locations. Your next sailing trip can be found on Sailum. When you own a boat and want it to make some money, you can rent it out to an experienced sailor through Sailum. You can rent ánd swap on Sailum, so sometimes a swap with a boat in Scandinavia makes for a free holiday, while another time renting in Spain is easiest. Everything is possible...