How to get started

Create a profile.

Your profile shows others who you are, so it's  important to provide as much information as possible about yourself and your sailing skills and experience. List any sailing permits and certificates you have so other members can judge your sailing proficiency. If you have a boat to list, let others know about the specifications and its features. Show some nice photos of it! Do not forget to tell others what is so great about your sailing area. In this way, other members can see what you have to offer.


Search for a boat to rent or swap with.

You can search by location or by boat requirements, yet currently - since we are still growing - it's best to just browse through the boat list.  You can search for a similar boat as the one you know or try a completely different one that you have been curious to sail for some time... The calender shows you on which dates a boat is available for a rent or a swap. 


Get in touch with a boat owner.

You can request a rent or swap by filling in your required dates and pressing 'rent' or 'swap'.  You can also choose to send an email by pressing the ‘get in touch' button. We suggest you to tell the other sailor something about yourself and ask any questions you may have. When you both agree on a rent or swap it can be a good idea to arrange a (Skype) call to speak to one another and fine-tune the details. Check your insurance to see if you are fully covered or if you need additional insurance. You can arrange this with your own insurer or you can do this with Pantaenius through us. In case of a rent, for your safety, money changing hands runs through Sailum. Payment is done upfront and the final transferral of money will be made after the rental period is over. When the payment is made in case of rent or when a swap is accepted you will get access to the insurance documents of the other persons boat, to make sure the boat is indeed suffiently insured and avoid safety risks.


It is time to pack your bags and set sail!

You can expect to make some new friends and for sure discover new waters and horizons. Enjoy!