Rent & Swap


You can put your boat up for rent.

Only boat owners will be able to create a profile and join the Sailum community. That means you are certain to connect to fellow experienced boat owners that privately own their yachts. Moreover, the sailing résumés and the reviewing system on Sailum tell you who you’re dealing with.

Renting out your own boat is an excellent way to let your boat make some money, and at the same time, it offers experienced other boat owners to discover new sailing grounds which are not easy to reach with their own boat.  Boats are used more, people enjoy more.

Through the profiles on Sailum, you get a clear picture of the people and their boats and you can easily get in touch with like-minded sailors. Through our messaging system, you’ll have ample opportunity to exchange information about your boat and sailing area with the other member. You can always choose to familiarize the other sailor with your boat yourself, or even sail with them for a stretch until you are both comfortable. When everything is agreed upon, the rental fee is transferred to Sailum and the hirer(s) can enjoy their holiday. After the rental period, the rental fee is transferred to the owner of the boat. Sailum only withholds 8 % of the fee to cover costs. More on this process and on details such as insurance and deposits is explained in the 'Trust and Safety' section of the site.


Swapping your boat means exchanging your boat with another member for a set amount of time, at no costs, making it a fantastic way to discover new waters and horizons. Again, the profiles make it easy to get to know people and boats. The contact process is roughly the same as when renting, though no money changes hands. Members can learn about each other and each other's boats through the platform and get in touch through the messaging system. A swap doesn’t need to be simultaneous of course. When you swap you can familiarize the other with your boat and get to know them. In this way, Sailum offers its members the opportunity to sail new waters and boats and to have a completely different sailing holiday almost for free!