Trust and Safety

Sailing resume 

At Sailum a 'sailing resume' is part of every profile. In this resume, we ask members to outline their sailing experiences and list any permits and certificates they might have. This gives other members an accurate idea of who they’re dealing with and makes it easy to find like-minded people. So for the duration of a holiday, boats can be rented or swapped between experienced sailors.



All members of a boat’s crew and the boat itself should be sufficiently covered by insurance. Most insurance companies allow you to swap your boat; as long as no money changes hands they will cover damages caused by the one you loaned your boat to. Both parties should check their insurance details beforehand. Sailum asks you to upload your insurance policy when you list a boat. When, in case of rent, a request is accepted and paid for, the hirer is able to download the boat insurance of the renters boat. You are encouraged to check this. The same for sailors swapping boats. When a swap is agreed on you will get access to the other persons boat insurance and you need to check this shortly after. 

If you rent out your boat, your insurance will need to have a clause that enables private rent (with some insurance companies you can add this to your policy). If this is not covered by your own insurer, you can arrange this through Sailum. We have a partnership with Pantaenius, a maritime insurance company from Hamburg, Germany. With a track record of over 40 years they have a helpdesk manned by experienced sailors that can be reached 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can contact us when making the agreement and we’ll get you the details.


Secure payments

Payment through Sailum is secure and easy. When rental agreements are reached, any money changing hands runs through Sailum to make sure everything is handled in a secure manner. The skipper hiring the boat pays the rental fee to Sailum and when the rental period is over and both parties verify to Sailum that the experience was satisfactory, the fee is transferred to the owner of the boat, minus the 8% fee for Sailum to cover costs. Safety deposits for boats when renting or swapping can be agreed upon between members and these can be handed over personally when you meet. We advise you to meet in person when renting or swapping. Because Sailum offers members ample opportunities to exchange information, we don't expect any problems, yet if these would arise, we offer to intermediate between both parties to work things out.

When your booking request is accepted by a boat owner, a payment link will appear in your conversation. Clicking on 'payment' will lead you to secure online payment provider Mollie where you can use Paypal, creditcard or iDeal. The payment will be kept safe with Sailum. Within 2 days after the rental period is over, the money minus the 8 % fee for Sailum will be transferred to the bank account of the boat owner. In this way, both parties are well protected.



Our sense of community is what makes Sailum strong. The profiles and reviews show you the boats and experience of other members, giving you a thourough idea of who you're dealing with. After a rental period or swap, we ask you to review one another, so both the boats and the skippers get reviews. We will for instance ask questions about the shape the boat was in and how the contact with the other member went. When your profile grows, you and your boat will build a reputation, making the next rental or swap even easier. In this way, we all help to create a safe and secure way to exchange boats. 


Verification and privacy

All member profiles are verified by Sailum. To protect the privacy of our members, last names and contact details are hidden. We at Sailum need your details to verify you, yet these are well taken care of. Of course we will never provide or sell your details to third parties.