Western Mediterranean

Luxurious waters

Western Mediterranean

The Western Med is a top-notch sailing destination. From the warm, deep south of Spanish Andalusia to the home of the jet-set in southern France, from the beaches of the Balearic islands to the western coast of Italy, this area offers something for every type of sailor. Sail Crystal blue seas, dine with the rich and famous, anchor in a quiet Italian bay or go for a weekend of clubbing on Ibiza... Your hand on the helm decides!

This part of the Mediterranean has something appealing in store for every type of sailor. You can hang around the French Riviera which sports pretty scenery, French refinement and is the playground of celebrities. Or travel along the Italian coast, enjoying its great cuisine and visiting all the highlights of culture this ancient country has to offer: Florence, Pisa, Rome... The Spanish coast is very varied, it boasts amazing cities such as Barcelona and Valencia and offers great marinas and resorts. From the area around Gibraltar you might even fancy a visit to the African continent... As far as island life goes, there is enough to do here. Explore wooded bays and quiet nature around Corsica and Sardinia or opt for the world of the Balearic islands, each with a character of its own and providing an exciting mix of nature, culture and luxury. Why not spend a night dancing on Ibiza and the next day relaxing in the sun in a secluded bay?

Timing: This area is nice year-round, though temperatures drop in winter and winds rise, especially in the northern part. The same goes for the water temperature, it's great from spring to autumn, but in winter it can be a challenge to some. The almost legendary winds of the Mediterranean also blow here, such as the Sirocco from the Sahara in summer and the Mistral and Tramontana blowing from the land in areas in France and Spain in winter, which can be quite hard. Yet due to its versatility, good cruising grounds can be found here throughout the year and our members in the area itself can tell you all about that!

Routes and planning: all areas in the Eastern Med have enough to offer on their own to fill your holiday. You can easily spend weeks sailing around the Balearic islands or the Italian coast without getting bored. Since there are no currents and wind directions are fairly stable, passage planning is easy. The only exception to this is the legendary Strait of Gibraltar; because of current and wind conditions you need to plan a bit more carefully here, yet the area and exciting sailing conditions more than make up for this! And of course, when planning, ask your questions and discuss plans with the boat owner, because this is the strength of Sailum, we have members passionate about their boat ánd their area.

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